De DVVA topscorers bij de dames van seizoen ‘21-’22 zijn Jules Hotchkin (Dames 3) en Emily Piluk (Dames 4), die allebei 11 doelpunten hebben gemaakt. Na het interview met Jules stellen we nu een paar vragen aan Emily, waarin ze haar wijsheden -- niet verrassend voor een internationale club als DVVA -- in het Engels deelt.


Emily (Dames 4)

  • What character traits helped you to become DVVA top scorer?

Openness! Wouldn't have had the chance to score a goal if hadn't found the marvelous DVVA 4. That's a story involving moving to the Netherlands during the pandemic, crossing paths with Jorka and a few teammates doing cold water swimming in the Amstel, and being invited to training. Openness to show up and get involved!

  • How (and when) did you become a striker?

I grew up playing midfield looking for connecting passes and setting up plays to assist. I also have a tendency to go where the ball is so striker is a good opportunity to channel energy and have a focused goal in mind. The Goal!

  • Which way do you score the most?

Off corners from the incredible Terry 🙌 a bit of right place at the right time paired with looking for those openings.

  • What was your most remarkable goal of the season?

Received the ball a bit beyond midfield on our attacking half. Cut right thinking about dribbling up but saw a opening between defenders and took a lofty shot. Low and behold, dropped it in behind the keeper. Or at least that's how I like to remember it!

  • Do you have any tips for DVVA players who want to score more?

Remember your core! I still have more shooting technique to learn but try and remind myself power comes from using the core during shots. Also take the shot! (unless it makes sense to pass 😊)


  • 23 september Seizoensopening
  • 4 november Oktoberfest
  • 15 november ALV